Second Century Fund

Supporting Welles-Turner Memorial Library, Glastonbury, Connecticut

About Second Century

The Welles-Turner Memorial Library Second Century Fund is a not-for-profit organization which provides permanent financial support for the library, as well as funding to help meet future large-scale needs.

Our history

The Fund was established in 1993 by a small group of Glastonbury citizens. Its initial purpose was to raise private donations to help reduce the amount of town funding (i.e. taxpayer cost) for the expansion of the then overcrowded library. In the beginning, there were eight people and a dream. Within a year, they had the support of hundreds, then thousands of town citizens who gave of their time and money to make the library expansion a reality. On November 5, 1996, when Glastonbury voters passed a $5.7 million referendum to finance the project, the Fund was able to donate nearly $700,000 toward the library expansion. The Fund’s cost to raise that sum was less than 4%, a remarkably low figure achieved by the all-volunteer group. The primary goal is to continue generating income forever for this valuable institution.

Our members

Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Fund, held in the spring, and serve a one-year term:

  • John Phelan, President
  • Maureen Cosgrove, Vice President
  • Carol Ahlschlager, Secretary
  • Joanne Marcoux, Treasurer
  • Rob Burns, Assistant Treasurer

Trustees, totaling not less than ten nor more than 18, serve staggered three-year terms and are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Fund.

Current board members are:

  • Nancy Hayden
  • Dianne Hemlock
  • Diane Lucas
  • James Masotti
  • Mary Pallos
  • Martha Poole
  • Margaret Wilcox
  • Rebekah Wright

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